What’s Triball?

Triball is London’s first weekly 3-sided soccer league, began on some basic principles.

Have fun!

Triball is about providing individuals with a means of enjoying a fantastic game in a friendly, respectful atmosphere.

Best tools.

3G pitches.

Professional referees.


Triball is a nonprofit organisation which provides it has resources for the lowest commission, hosts free tournaments and provides free training and coaching for gamers.

Available to all.

Triball welcomes individuals of all ages, genders and race to perform with. It does not matter what your skill level, expertise or skill is, even if you would like to play, you are welcome.

Perform outside the box.

3-sided soccer challenges one to look at game from another angle.

Shape of drama.

3 Teams.

3 Goals.

Hexagonal Pitch.

Click the to see FIFA’s video describing the match

Play otherwise.

Choose to use, oppose or oppose the other groups.


3-Sided soccer is based on principles of honor, played at a friendly environment with all levels of attention and ability welcome.

Triball League Table

These are the current standings from the weekly Triball League in London Bridge

Notes: The winner of this game is that the team that surrendered the fewest goals, the goal in the league would be to acquire the fewest issues. Therefore, in the event that you win a game, you get zero things, should you lose, you get . Obviously in 3-sided soccer there are more potential outcomes than simply winning or losing. You are able to win (1st)for a winning draw (WDs), a entire draw (TDs), come next (2nd)for a losing draw (LDs) or return third (3rd).

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Combine the league.

We perform every Friday evening at 7pm about the 7-a-side pitches at Tabard Gardens.

The entry is located on Tabard Street in Southwark, near Borough Tube Station and between London Bridge and Elephant and Castle. The new season began on Friday, and there is still time to join!


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Simply turn up!

We can always locate an area for new players!

Triball Education Programme

Utilizing Triball to check out the world differently

Cooperation and Respect


You just can not win a match of Triball without needing to collaborate with a different team. Working together with our partner firm, Big Ben Theatrewe conduct workshops showing how discovering common ground and understanding the motives of others may benefit us in the long term. Our sessions typically operate for 1hr and therefore are offered for all ages and ability levels. If you are considering booking a session together click on here.

Politics and Philosophy


3 Sided Football was initially devised by Situationist philosopher Asger Jorn from the 1960s to demonstrate his own concept of Trialectics. Since that time 3SF was used innumerable times to symbolize the conflicts inherent in oppositional political activity. Within our 90 minute program we utilize Triball matches to illustrate complex notions of energy dynamics, from 3 party politics into match theory, in an energetic, accessible and enjoyable atmosphere.

If you are considering booking a session together click on here.

Triball News.

September 27th, the Triball Open Cup.

Come one, come all! Our free championship is available to everybody, held at 7pm at Tabard Gardens in London Bridge.

Check it out!

Come and attempt 3sf at no cost!

The Triball Open Cup is a 4-a-side, 3-sided soccer tournament. You may enter as an individual or as a staff, we’ve got space for everybody!

If you would like some more info about the championship click here to speak to us.